What's the price of wholesale cannabis trim? Image: CRYSTALWEED cannabis/Unsplash
December 5, 2023

Cannabis Benchmarks is now reporting prices for wholesale cannabis trim in selected state markets. Trim is the most commonly used type of plant material for producing extracts and concentrates, which in some cases end up being used to make infused products such as edibles. Trim is also often used to make pre-rolls and is sold by retailers as a low-priced option for budget-sensitive consumers. Large volumes of trim are traded in legal cannabis markets across the country and our independent, unbiased wholesale price assessments can help your business execute transactions of trim with confidence.

Wholesale Cannabis Trim Prices

We currently report wholesale cannabis trim prices monthly for the following markets: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, and Vermont. Month-on-month price changes for October to November 2023 in those markets are shown in the table below.

Where is Cannabis Trim the Most and Least Expensive?

In November, Alaska had the most expensive wholesale cannabis trim prices of the markets we track currently. The price of wholesale trim in Alaska was over 40 times the price of wholesale cannabis trim in California, the least expensive market in November. 

Wholesale cannabis trim prices in Maine, Michigan, and Vermont were all very similar in November and were the second most expensive behind Alaska. Still, prices for wholesale trim in those markets were less than half of Alaska’s November trim price. 

Oregon and Colorado were the second and third most inexpensive markets, respectively, for wholesale cannabis trim in November. However, Oregon’s wholesale trim price was about five times that of California’s last month, while Colorado’s was roughly nine times higher than the Golden State’s.

What Determines the Price of Cannabis Trim in Different States?

A number of factors impact the price of cannabis trim across different state markets, including: 

  • How much cultivation capacity / how many cultivators are licensed;
  • Whether outdoor cultivation is allowed;
  • Seasonality;
  • Demand for extracts and infused products;
  • Cost of production.

Wholesale cannabis trim prices are also related to wholesale flower prices, although that ratio can vary from state to state. For example, in California the price of trim in November was just 2% of the average wholesale flower price for the month, while in Michigan it was 28%.

As with wholesale flower prices, regional convergence in wholesale trim prices is occurring in some cases as well. In New England, trim prices in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont where all within $21 of each other in November, and were between 14% and 21% of wholesale flower prices.

How to Use Cannabis Benchmarks Wholesale Trim Price Assessments

Our independent, unbiased price assessments for wholesale cannabis trim can be valuable to a variety of different cannabis industry stakeholders. Some potential use cases include: 

  • Licensed cultivators, extractors / processors, and retailers can use our price assessments to set or negotiate prices in spot or forward wholesale transactions. 
  • Applicants for cannabis business licenses can use our price assessments to fill out pro forma financial statements.
  • Attorneys and accountants can use our price assessments for cases and litigation involving the valuation of a business’ physical assets and inventory. 
  • Insurance companies can use our price assessments in formulating actuarial tables and valuing claims.
  • Analysts and consultants can use our price assessments in evaluating opportunities across different state markets. 
  • Regulators can use our wholesale price assessments to set and adjust tax rates, as well as project tax receipts for licensed businesses in their state or municipality.

Contact Cannabis Benchmarks with any inquiries regarding how our data can help support your business.

More Wholesale Cannabis Price Data to Come!

Looking ahead, Cannabis Benchmarks will be introducing additional wholesale price data to our reporting in the weeks and months to come. We recently added wholesale flower price assessments for Maryland and Delaware. We will be introducing more states and product categories in the near future, so be sure to follow and subscribe for detailed wholesale cannabis price data!