In any active marketplace, the most valuable tool available is information. Do you have the information that you need to make informed decisions? Eliminate the guesswork. Eliminate the uncertainty.

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The Premium Report is the industry’s only information source for detailed wholesale pricing data, analysis, and commentary.

Published every Friday, the 30+ page report details national and state-level pricing by grow type, accompanied by expert editorial commentary, analysis, data tables and charts.

The Cannabis Benchmarks® Premium Report subscription also includes the Spot Price Snapshot each week, for quick reference to individual state market pricing.

  • Critical Wholesale Price Data
  • Detailed National & State Pricing
  • National & State Data Tables and Charts
  • Expert Editorial Analysis & Commentary
  • Online viewing & downloadable PDF report
  • Includes Spot Price Snapshot

New interactive charts available with your subscription.

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Make informed decisions with state level wholesale price assessments


$815/Annual (15% discount)

  • Weekly state-level price assessements
  • Week over week pricing changes
  • Monthly price changes
  • National Interactive charts

Boost your analysis and planning efforts with access to weekly and historical data feeds

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  • Raw data for internal analysis & planning
  • Historical data beginning April 2015
  • Rights to internal distribution
  • Custom Analysis & Consulting
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wholesale market observer
Wholesale Market Observer
Cannabis Market Insights including State Reporting and Exclusive Interviews
  • Events Impacting State Wholesale Pricing
  • Analysis of State Cannabis Sales Data
  • Exlusive Interviews with Market Participants
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US spot report
U.S. Spot Price Report
Weekly National Wholesale Price Reporting for the U.S.
  • Weekly Spot Price Updates
  • National Wholesale Price Trends
  • Forward Market Projections
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canadian report
Canadian Spot Price Report
Weekly National Wholesale Price Reporting for Canada
  • Weekly Wholesale Spot Prices
  • Provincial Market Reviews
  • Retail Market Analysis
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Annual Market Reports

Review state market trends in a concise, graphical report with monthly details by state and cultivation method. Perfect for identifying wholesale pricing trends over a calendar year for markets across the U.S.

Cannabis Benchmarks Annual 2018 Report Cannabis Benchmarks Annual 2020 Report Cannabis Benchmarks Annual 2019 Report