Understanding current wholesale cannabis prices and pricing dynamics are key for successful dispensary operations. Dispensaries need to be able to adopt retail pricing strategies that keep them competitive and drive their business.

How can dispensaries compete with prices dropping consistently in the most mature and competitive U.S. markets? In emerging markets, what can retailers expect as the markets mature, based on each state licensing protocol?

Cannabis Benchmark Spot 2015-2018
Understand state market pricing and pricing dynamics
  • Develop effective purchasing strategies and scheduling
  • Optimize inventory management
  • Manage retail pricing in real time to maintain margins
Manage your supply chain
  • Compare supplier pricing proposals against market driven benchmarks to identify best long term suppliers
  • Negotiate pricing based on current market rates
  • Use benchmarks to price and settle forward sales
Cannabis Benchmark Spot Price Observations
Cannabis Benchmark Spot Prices Wholesale
Enhance Budgets, Plans and Forecasts
  • Analyze and revise operating budgets based on current state pricing data
  • Utilize pricing dynamics and trends to refine financial forecasting
  • Develop long term expansion plans based of future pricing trends

Solutions for All Participants

Our products and services provide validated, standardized price assessments to assist you with day-to-day decisions and long-term business planning