Investors, lenders, analysts and other financial and professional service firms face a daunting task in developing and defending wholesale price assumptions because the economics of cannabis are often opaque and difficult to verify.

Cannabis Benchmarks provides validated, granular pricing data that enable informed, data-driven decision making.

  • Investors & Lenders – Evaluate and compare competing investment opportunities
  • Debt & Equity Analysts – Conduct research, rate bonds and forecast stock performance
  • Lawyers & Consultants – Validated wholesale pricing assumptions for license applications
  • Accountants – Value assets for taxes, acquisition or divestiture
  • Risk Managers – Measure and manage earnings and cash flow
  • Regulators – Monitor markets and establish fair market value for taxation
  • Crop Insurers – Build actuarial tables to determine premiums and settle claims
  • Speculative Traders – Uncover trading and hedging opportunities across commodities and financial instruments
Cannabis Benchmark Spot Index Trend
Do current wholesale prices and historical trends in price movement support your assumptions about the performance or valuation of a particular business?
Which markets are experiencing the most wholesale price volatility and what does that volatility mean for an investment or a client’s position?
Cannabis Benchmark Historical Commodity
Cannabis Benchmark Spot Prices California
How does the impact of seasonality on wholesale prices impact cash flow and the ability to fund operations?

Solutions for All Participants

Our products and services provide validated, standardized price assessments to assist you with day-to-day decisions and long-term business planning