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The U.S. Cannabis Spot Index increased 3.3% to $1,115 per pound.

In grams, the Spot price was $2.46.

The U.S. Spot wholesale flower price climbed to close November, settling at $1,115 per pound as national rates for all grow types saw upticks. For November 2023 overall, the U.S. Spot averaged $1,096 per pound, up 5.8% month-on-month and 10.4% year-on-year.

At the state level, increases in wholesale flower prices in California and Massachusetts were primarily responsible for lifting the U.S. Spot this week. State spot prices in other large markets – namely Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington – were fairly stable week-on-week.

Overall, wholesale prices in large markets that also have outdoor cultivation are generally up year-on-year, contributing to elevated national-level wholesale prices post-harvest. Average state spot prices for November 2022 versus November 2023 are shown in the table below.

Cannabis Benchmarks Wholesale Price Change November 2022 vs November 2023

Cannabis Benchmarks U.S. Spot Weighted Average Prices November 24, 2023

December 2023 Implied Forward assessed up $45 to close at $1,060 per pound.

At $1,060 per pound, the December 2023 Implied Forward represents a discount of 4.9% relative to the current U.S. Spot Price of $1,115 per pound.

Cannabis Benchmarks U.S Forward Price Curve November 24, 2023

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