Massachusetts Adult-Use Marijuana Sales Slow to Rebound After Forced Closure Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash
August 4, 2020

Complete adult-use sales data from Massachusetts in June has been posted by the state Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) on its Open Data platform. June is the first full month that recreational retailers were open for business since February, after being compelled to shut down from March 24 through May 24 as part of Massachusetts’ COVID-19 response.

In June, adult-use retailers in Massachusetts generated over $54.5 million in revenue. This figure is down by 1.4% compared to the last full month of adult-use sales to take place in the commonwealth, February, when retailers tallied over $55.3 million in sales, despite there being only 29 days in that month this year. February’s sales are the highest monthly total recorded since Massachusetts’ recreational sector opened in late 2018.

On a daily basis sales are down as well, but they appear to be returning to previous levels. Average daily sales amounted to over $1.81 million in June, down by 5.2% from February’s $1.91 million. However, they are up compared to average daily sales of $1.73 million, which was the mean for the initial 30-day period after Massachusetts’ adult-use market reopened (May 25 – June 23). While recreational retailers in the Bay State did not see an explosion of pent-up demand upon the recommencement of sales, it seems that they are building back up gradually.

The suspension of adult-use sales in Massachusetts caused a surge in medical cannabis patient registrations, as such dispensaries were permitted to remain open and make sales to patients. Those that previously purchased from the adult-use market but registered as patients in April or May are likely continuing to buy from medical dispensaries, as they can avoid paying tax by doing so. Additionally, some consumers may have found other avenues to obtain product outside the regulated market during Massachusetts’ shutdown of legal cannabis stores.