How is the Montana Cannabis Market Shaping Up Photo: David Banning/Unsplash
March 28, 2023

The Montana Department of Revenue published February 2023 sales for the state’s adult use and medical cannabis markets this week. February 2023 combined medical and adult use sales, at $24.5 million, were down 1.7% from January’s combined sales of $24.9 million, but up slightly more than 7% from February 2022 sales of $22.9 million.

Montana Monthly Cannabis Sales
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February 2023 adult use sales, at $24.5 million, were down 0.8% from January 2023 sales of $24.9 million, but up 81% from February 2022 sales of $13.5 million, indicating the market is better supplied with more access to meet growing consumer demand – not an easy feat given the size of the state and its far-flung population.

February medical sales, at $5.4 million, were down 8.3% from January sales of $5.6 million and down 42.5% from sales of $9.3 million in February 2022. Medical sales have fallen in 13 of the last 14 months in which adult use sales were available.

Montana Monthly Cannabis Sales - 12 month history

Montana counties with the highest sales either contain or are near to the state’s major cities or are located along state borders. The state’s highest sales were in Gallatin County, which borders both Wyoming and Idaho and saw sales of $3.9 million in February 2023. Missoula County, home of the city of the same name and sharing a border with Idaho, saw the second highest sales in February 2023 at $3.1 million. Flathead County, home to Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park, saw the third highest sales in February at $2.4 million. Rounding out the top five counties were Lewis and Clark, home to Helena, at $1.7 million, and Cascade County, where Great Falls is located, at $1.6 million.

Montana is likely to continue to depend on interstate demand with the massive scale and low population of the state. Yellowstone tourism should pick up this year and, with the park open, vendors bordering Wyoming may see their best sales yet.

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