April 25, 2019

U.S. Wholesale Prices for Hemp Derived Biomass, Flower, Seeds, Oils, & Isolates


New Leaf Data Services, LLC (NLDS), the cannabis and hemp industry’s only independent Price Reporting Agency, has announced that Hemp Benchmarks® is now collecting, assessing and reporting on the wholesale price of biomass, dry flower, clones, seeds, crude hemp oil, refined hemp oil and CBD isolate. For more information, please visit: www.hempbenchmarks.com.

In the months ahead, Hemp Benchmarks® will expand its price assessments to cover additional end markets for hemp fiber and grain and begin to report on international markets as well.

“With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill last year, the hemp market is poised for massive growth with unprecedented interest from farmers, processors and consumers, fueled in part by the extraordinary demand for CBD-based products. Industry participants will be seeking price transparency to analyze and navigate what we believe will be a dynamic and chaotic market as the projected supply and demand for hemp and hemp derived end-products comes into focus over the next few years.” said Jonathan Rubin, CEO of NLDS. “We are pleased to offer the market another independent reference benchmark to support strategic, operational and investment related decisions.”

These new assessments expand NLDS’ portfolio of benchmarks, which include more than eighty weekly benchmarks covering the wholesale price of cannabis in legal U.S. and Canadian markets through its Cannabis Benchmarks® division.

“We expect volatile hemp and CBD markets until supply and demand reach an equilibrium,” noted Rubin. “Price Reporting Agencies play a critical role in managing risk associated with volatile markets, enabling buyers and sellers to transact with confidence, support fundamental analysis by investors and equity analysts, and provide definitive benchmarks for commodity traders.”

About Hemp Benchmarks®
Hemp Benchmarks® is a division of New Leaf Data Services, LLC. Our mission is to bring price transparency and efficiency to cultivators, processors, distributors, investors, traders and other hemp market participants through validated, standardized wholesale price benchmarks and market intelligence.