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April 18, 2024

In addition to wholesale cannabis flower pricing, Cannabis Benchmarks has been reporting on wholesale cannabis trim transactions. Currently, there are 8 state markets for which we have been collecting, analyzing and reporting on cannabis trim prices: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Vermont.

The chart below illustrates the state wholesale cannabis trim price indices for these states over the previous 6-month period, dating back to October 2023.

Cannabis Benchmarks Wholesale Cannabis Trim 6-Month Average Price Trend for 8 states

Alaska’s monthly wholesale cannabis trim price per pound shows a significant increase in price between December 2023 and March 2024, demonstrating higher volatility. The spread between the low and high average price per pound over the 6-month period for cannabis trim in Alaska is $230. In contrast, in Colorado and California, the average cannabis trim prices have remained quite stable with little change. The low and high average price per pound spread in Colorado has been $27, while in California the price spread has been a mere $7.

Over the 6-month period, California and Oregon also have the lowest average cannabis trim prices as a percent of average cannabis flower price, at 2.5% and 10.2% respectively. Cultivators selling cannabis trim in Alaska and Michigan have the smallest, and most profitable, difference between the average price per pound for trim when compared to the average flower price in the state.

As an example, if a cultivator in Alaska is selling shelf-ready cannabis flower to a dispensary for $2,000 per pound, in current market conditions they would be able to receive $600 per pound selling cannabis trim to a processor from the same harvest batch. In Vermont, the trim derived from cannabis flower that sold to a dispensary for $2,000 per pound, could potentially receive $360 per pound.

The table below lists the average cannabis trim price as a percent of flower price for each of the past 6 months.

Wholesale Cannabis Trim Price as a Percent of Flower Price 6-Month Trend

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