Access Free State-Level Cannabis Market Data on Cannabis Benchmarks Website Image: Austin Distel/Unsplash
July 10, 2023

As cannabis market observers are well aware, each state that has legalized cannabis for adult or medical use has its own framework for regulating its industry. Additionally, most states provide various data and information on their legal cannabis markets to the public. Such data often includes market fundamentals like business licensing statistics, production figures, retail sales, tax collections, and other information. 

This fundamental cannabis market data plays a vital role in understanding each state market, providing essential information about supply and demand dynamics, market trends, and factors influencing wholesale prices. However, as alluded to above, the data released by individual states can vary widely in its form and extent, making comparisons and other analysis challenging.  

To further our mission of bringing transparency to the legal cannabis industry via unbiased data and analysis, Cannabis Benchmarks has collected and analyzed years of cannabis market data published by states and made it available to our readers, providing a one-stop resource with easy access to critical information for market participants and decision makers.

How can you use this fundamental cannabis market data to cultivate a deeper understanding of the industry?

1. Supply and Demand Analysis:

  • Fundamental data helps market participants analyze current and projected supply and demand levels for cannabis in each state.
  • By understanding supply and demand trends, you can make informed decisions about buying or selling in the wholesale market. CALIFORNIA SALES BY COUNTY
  • Data on production levels, inventories, and consumption patterns help to assess market conditions and anticipate price movements.

2. Price Forecasting:

  • Buyers and sellers utilize fundamental data to develop price forecasts and predict future price trends. NEVADA WHOLESALE CANNABIS TAX DATA
  • By analyzing factors such as license counts, plant counts, production volume, and other economic indicators, you can gauge the potential impact on wholesale prices.
  • This analysis helps to identify potential opportunities and manage risk by making informed decisions on the timing of your production and sales. 

3. Risk Management:

  • Fundamental cannabis market data assists in managing risk associated with the cannabis industry, which remains quite volatile.
  • Understanding fundamental factors helps identify and assess risks related to supply disruptions, regulatory changes, or shifts in consumer behavior.
  • By actively monitoring and analyzing fundamental data, you can implement risk mitigation strategies such as diversification, hedging, or adjusting positions based on changing market conditions. CONNECTICUT MED-REC SALES COMPARISON

4. Market Timing and Strategy:

  • Utilize fundamental analysis to identify periods of oversupply or undersupply, seasonal patterns, or potential market disruptions.
  • Fundamental data also guides strategies such as trend following, mean reversion, or spread selling. 

5. Market Sentiment and Investor Sentiment:

  • Fundamental market data can provide insights into market and investor sentiment towards specific product and business types. OREGON SALES BY PRODUCT TYPE
  • Understanding market sentiment helps participants anticipate potential market reactions and make decisions accordingly.

It’s important to note that while fundamental cannabis market data is a valuable tool, it should be used in conjunction with technical analysis, risk management techniques, and historical wholesale price data to make well-informed decisions. Market participants should continuously monitor and update their analysis based on the evolving fundamental factors and market conditions that exist in each state market.

Access state-level cannabis market data using the interactive charts that Cannabis Benchmarks makes available to all of our readers. For access to the full suite of charts, subscribe to our PREMIUM service, which includes our proprietary wholesale cannabis flower price data broken down by state and cultivation method. If you would like direct access to the data behind the charts and historical wholesale prices, contact us about our ENTERPRISE service offerings.