Current Data

U.S. Cannabis Spot Index down 0.5% to $1,452 per pound.

The simple average (non-volume weighted) price declined $10 to $1,653 per pound, with 68% of transactions (one standard deviation) in the $979 to $2,327 per pound range. The average reported deal size increased to 2.2 pounds. In grams, the Spot price was $3.20 and the simple average price was $3.64.

The relative frequency of trades for indoor flower decreased by about 3% this week. The relative frequency of deals for greenhouse product increased by the same proportion, while that for outdoor flower was unchanged.

The U.S. Spot Index declined by 0.5% this week to settle at $1,452 per pound. This is only the second decrease in the weekly national composite price to be observed since the beginning of September. 

Previously, November has typically been the month in which the lowest monthly average Spot price of any given year has been documented. That trend that will almost certainly be disrupted this year even if a downward trend manifests going forward. Two weeks into this month, November’s month-to-date average composite rate is $1,456 per pound, the highest so far for 2019 and up by 1.7% from October. 

In 2018, the monthly average U.S. Spot was essentially flat from October to November, when it declined slightly from $1,076 to $1,075 per pound. Last year, weekly prices generally trended downward from early September through mid-November, before recovering to close 2018. The U.S. Spot rose by 12.2% from this point in 2018 to the end of last year.    

As we noted last week, positive trends in wholesale prices in the four major Western markets have in most cases subsided or been reversed recently. If such trends continue, then it is possible that the end-of-year price recovery that has been observed on numerous previous occasions may be absent this year.

The national volume-weighted price for flower to be sold to general consumers inched upward marginally this week. The slight rise was due entirely to an uptick in wholesale prices in Washington State, as every other state with a functioning adult-use system saw declines.   

The national price for medical flower sank this week. As noted above, most of the states covered by our reporting experienced decreasing wholesale prices this week, with markets such as Arizona and Illinois seeing notable declines in their Spot prices.