Cannabis Benchmark FAQs:

Do your reports include wholesale and retail cannabis pricing?

Our reporting focuses on wholesale cannabis flower pricing. We do not collect retail pricing information.

What cannabis products do you report on?

Our reporting focuses on wholesale cannabis flower pricing. We collect data for other products, including trim, whole wet plant, fresh frozen, and bulk concentrates, but do not currently report prices for these products.

When did you start reporting wholesale cannabis prices?

We launched our wholesale cannabis spot price benchmarks in April 2015.

What is the frequency of your reporting?

We publish our weekly reports on Friday.

What state markets do you report prices for?

We report wholesale flower prices for the following states (year price assessments began for state)

  • Alaska (2015)
  • Arizona (2015)
  • California (2015)
  • Colorado (2015)
  • Connecticut (2015)
  • Washington D.C. (2015)
  • Delaware (2023)
  • Illinois (2015)
  • Maine (2017)
  • Maryland (2023)
  • Massachusetts (2017)
  • Michigan (2015)
  • Montana (2023)
  • Nevada (2015)
  • New Hampshire (2017)
  • New Mexico (2017)
  • Oklahoma (2020)
  • Oregon (2015)
  • Pennsylvania (2022)
  • Rhode Island (2015)
  • Vermont (2017)
  • Washington (2015)

Do the wholesale prices you collect include taxes?

The wholesale data that we collect and use in our price assessments DO NOT include taxes. Because the tax structure varies with each state, we collect pre-tax wholesale prices.

Where do you get the wholesale transaction data from that is used in your price benchmarks?

We work with members of our Price Contributor Network (PCN) to gather weekly wholesale transaction data. Members of the PCN include cultivators, distributors, retailers, associations and marketplace/exchanges.

How are the wholesale spot price benchmarks calculated?

Every week we receive wholesale transaction data from licensed and validated market participants that are members of our Price Contributor Network. The data is compiled and processed through our automated QA/QC process to identify outliers and submissions with potentially erroneous data. Any records in question are manually reviewed to determine if they will remain in our database for use in the final price assessments for the week. View Methodology

What states are included in the Annual Review and Chart Book products?

The states included are identified in the Table of Contents available on each product page.

How do I become a member of the Price Contributor Network?

Please fill out the form on our Price Contributor Network page and a team member will contact you to schedule an initial phone call to learn more about your business.

Do the CORE and PREMIUM subscription services include archived data and reports?

No, historical reports are not available with a subscription. The CORE and PREMIUM subscriptions provide access to the current and four previous reports. If you are interested in historical pricing information, please visit out ENTERPRISE page for more details.