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Cannabis Benchmarks PREMIUM Report: Bulk vs Prepackaged Wholesale Prices

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PREMIUM Reports now include:

  • 22 state market weekly wholesale cannabis flower price assessments by grow type
  • Bulk vs Prepackaged Flower Price Assessments for Indoor, Greenhouse & Outdoor products
  • Trim Price Tracking & Analysis
  • State Retail Markup Tracking & Analysis
  • THCa Flower price assessments
  • Full Interactive Chart Library

Do you know how much wholesale cannabis products are selling for and what is impacting prices in each state? Are you buying or selling cannabis on the wholesale market? Do you need unbiased price reporting on wholesale cannabis & hemp flower? The Premium Report subscription provides transparency into the wholesale market, saving you time and money.

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The PREMIUM Report is the industry’s only timely source for detailed wholesale pricing data, analysis, and commentary.

Published every Friday, the PREMIUM report details national and state-level pricing by grow type, Bulk vs Prepackaged Flower pricing, analysis, data tables and charts.

The Cannabis Benchmarks® PREMIUM Report subscription also includes the Spot Price Snapshot each week, for quick reference to individual state market pricing.

  • Critical Wholesale Price Data
  • Detailed National & State Pricing
  • National & State Data Tables and Charts
  • Expert Editorial Analysis & Commentary
  • Online viewing & downloadable PDF report
  • Access to full Interactive Chart library
  • Includes weekly Spot Price Snapshot (CORE) Report