Illinois Cannabis Market Continues to Benefit from Customers Across State Lines Photo: Stephan Cassara/Unsplash
May 10, 2022

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) issued adult use sales data for April 2022 this week. Combined sales to in-state and out-of-state residents at $131.8 million were up by just 0.6% month-on-month versus combined sales in March 2022 of $130.9 million. Year-on-year, April 2022 sales were up 14.6% from April 2021’s combined sales of $115 million.

April 2022 adult use sales to in-state residents were also up just 0.6% to $90.9 million versus March 2022 sales of $90.4 million but were up 13.8% from April 2021 in-state sales of $79.9 million. In-state sales were 69% of total sales in April 2022 versus 68.6% of sales in March 2022; in-state residents accounted for 69.5% of sales in April 2021.

April 2022 adult use sales to out-of-state customers inched up 0.7% to $40.9 million versus $40.6 million in March 2022 but were up 16.6% from sales of $35 million in April 2021. Out-of-state sales were 31% of total sales in April 2022 versus 30.5% in April 2021.

IDFPR supplies monthly data on the number of items sold; April items sold increased to 3.1 million, up 3.1% from March items sold of 3 million. The average price of each item sold was $42.48 in April 2022, down from $43.54 per item in March 2022 and down from $46.67 in April 2021. With spot wholesale prices down 13.3% in 2022, average retail item prices are down just 4.2% this year.

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), which oversees the state’s medical cannabis program, issued an update on patient numbers and sales figures for March 2022, in which retail medical sales were $32 million, up 13.4% from February 2022 sales of $28.2 million, but down 10.4% from March 2021 sales of $35.7 million.

IDPH reported 206,389 qualifying patients in March 2022, a 2.8% increase over February’s patient count of 200,709 and up 33.2% from March 2021’s patient count of 154,965.

Flower sales within the medical market were $14.6 million in March 2022, up 10.7% from February medical flower sales of $13.2 million, but down 12.5% from sales of $16.7 million in March 2021. Patients in the medical cannabis program purchased an average of 17.3 grams of flower in March 2022 versus 16.6 grams in February 2022. Patients paid an average of $12.52 per gram, up $0.17 from the February gram price of $12.35 per gram. Flower sales made up 45.7% of total medical sales in March 2022, down from 46.8% of sales in February 2022 and down from March 2021’s flower market share of 46.7%.