Canada Cannabis Spot Index (CCSI) 

Published December 28, 2018

The CCSI declined 6% this week to C$6.63 per gram, from C$7.08 per gram last week, and is down 15% over the past two weeks. C$6.63 per gram equates to US$2,212 per pound, which places the CCSI at 188% of the U.S. Cannabis Spot Index, currently at US$1,175 per pound.

Wholesale prices in Canada headed lower with supply shortages; howevever, not as extreme as reported in November when AGLC had only 20% of their product delivered and Quebec closed retail locations due to insufficient supply. 

Supply shortages still exist, yet inventory on provincial online sites is not as limited as it was in November. AGLC showing nearly 80% of dried flower products available on the online site. Experienced consumers, frustrated with limited quantity, could be turning back to the black market while supply shortages get resolved. One of the contributing factors to the initial supply shortage was incorrect packaging and labeling. Reports from the field indicate that some LPs have been able to resolve these issues.